Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost Killed the Lawn

I had to water the front yard last night and today to attempt to recover from a screw-up of mine yesterday. I was seriously distracted (mentally) yesterday while I was applying weed killer. I'm trying to get rid of the clover and yellow wood sorrel that have taken over my yards. I was using the hose-end sprayer type where you first have to measure out the liquid weed killer into a bottle and then add about 10 times that in water, then screw that onto the end of your water hose and start applying. So as I was finishing up the front yard, it puzzled me that the weed killer fluid had run out already. I had used enough to cover the front and back yards and it was gone after just part of the front yard. It turns out that, in my confused and distracted state, I had forgotten to add the 10x water to the weed killer before attaching the bottle to the hose. That means I had just applied highly concentrated weed killer to the yard and it would probably kill the entire lawn. The St. Augustine grass is very sensitive to this weed killer and users are instructed to apply about half the concentration that you would for stronger grasses. So, yesterday and today I'm watering the front yard to rinse off the weed killer and dilute it. Then I'll cross my fingers.

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