Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to Get Six Pack Abs

I stumbled across this LifeHacker post about getting six pack abs. It actually links to this WikiHow post. For everyone who reads this blog, the guide is not so much instruction as it may be a reminder. I'll confess that I currently do only 3 of the things in the list. That probably explains why I have a nice hibernation-ready layer of fat blanketing my pitiful abs.


joe said...

One thing people forget is that fat is stored in the omentum and peritoneum, thus the "pot belly" or "beer belly". Do some fat burning and your abs re-appear.

Michael said...

That's my goal! To get abs without a lick of exercise. So ... after considering the options of burning more or eating less, I'm attempting this by eating less. Stay tuned for inane updates!

the thermo guy said...

Fat burns pretty well. Try a blow torch aimed at your stomach.