Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stock Pick For the Week

Here's my latest stock picks. Manitowoc Co. (MTW) Precision Castparts (PCP) Paccar (PCAR) Sherman Williams (SHW)

I am placing these on my watch list and am considering them as candidates for 6+ month trades. By "trades" I mean that they appear attractive opportunities for making some returns in the short term (less than a year) and are not necessarily good long term "investments." Note: I have no intention of buying these right now, but MTW and PCP might continue going up after the new year. PCAR has a seriously dropping MACD and so I'll just be watching that one for a while.

As always: NEVER buy a stock just because I mention it. Always do your own homework. This way, if you lose money and blame me, then I can point to this "fine print."

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