Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wifi NAS using your USB HD

I was planning to post a positive note about a clever thing I spotted in PopSci magazine. It's the Linksys WRTSL54GS wireless router / NAS server. Then I read the negative reviews on Amazon. So I won't even post a small pic here.

I would like to have a device like this, where you connect your own USB HD and it provides the network front end for NAS functions. That way I could easily upgrade to larger and faster drives. From the reviews, it looks like most of my friends could probably use it (they could overcome most negative comments) - except for it not supporting NTFS formatted drives.

And so, if any of you gadget-geeks out there know of a decent alternative, then please share it.


matthew said...

While not wireless, I've had good luck with my Linksys NSLU2. You get NAS in the form of a USB connection to storage. Drive is formatted in ext2 though, so if you want to connect direct to Windows you'll have to go though some extra steps.

michael said...

Thanks Matthew! That looks pretty neat. Reviewers on Amazon give it mixed reviews. But they do say that the firmware upgrade will allow it to work with other drive formats. I'll put this on my list of options.