Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Puzzle: Sort of Simple Logic

This one isn't too hard. Although one genius kid I know had to be walked through it (which is odd since he gets most others correct immediately).

There are three sock drawers in a dresser. The drawers are labeled as white, black, and mixed. Every drawer is labeled incorrectly. One drawer contains all white socks, one all black socks, and one has a mixture of white and black socks. You are allowed to close your eyes and pick one sock from one drawer. How can you correctly label each drawer?


Slim said...

Pick a sock from the drawer labeled "mixed."

If this sock is white, this is the white sock drawer, as it can not be the mixed drawer per the condition that all drawers are mislabeled and the fact that there are no white socks in the black sock drawer. With the white drawer correctly identified, the originally labeled black drawer, which can not be black per the condition that it is originally labeled incorrectly and now can not be white as the white drawer has been identified, is now identified as the mixed drawer. This then leaves the originally labeled white drawer to be the black sock drawer.

If one picks from the "mixed sock" drawer and comes up with a black sock, simply reread the above paragraph while swapping the word "white" for "black" and vice versa to arrive at the solution.

Whoo hoo.

Kim, who sorted his sock drawer last weekend said...

I agree with slim.

Since Mike told me someone already solved it, I did not look until I got it on my own. I came up with the same logic.