Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fixing My Broken DVD Player

A while ago, my Philips DVP642 DVD player died. It wouldn't do anything. And it wouldn't even surrender the DVD that was inside. Luckily, we have the Internet. I did some poking and discovered that this model has a well known flaw. A single inexpensive capacitor on the power supply board dies. I found a nice description on Amazon, as well as this Yahoo group, and this guy's blog and his detailed photos of his repair job, and even this forum about bad capacitors.

So today I finally got around to repairing mine. I decided to document this brief adventure a little differently. I hope you enjoy these panels. Click on them for the larger (readable) versions.

Epilogue: Since I'm in the process of upgrading my television and video experience to the digital high-definition world, with a new 47-inch 1080p LCD display, I'll probably give this DVD player to Goodwill because it doesn't upconvert. My new Oppo DVD player still works very nicely (my blog post about that). I'll probably get myself a new backup DVD player - one that has upconversion to 1080.


Greg said...

lol, love the graphics. I'm afraid of soldering, but now I know there's a "woo-hoo" waiting for me when I'm done, so that helps. ;) Thanks for posting this.

Greg said...

Once I fix mine, do you think it would be helpful to cut power to it when I'm not using so it doesn't spend so much time in standby mode? I've heard that the fact that it's always powered up might contribute to the capacitor's self-destruction.

william said...

hi there my incar dvd player came with my car?? it stoped working i opened it and there is a long thin white strip wthih lots of tiny wires running through it on the wiring it says aval rl awm 20624 60v 80c vw-1 -f- were can i buy onr as the top two wires have burned out on it. what is the reason for the wire burning out.