Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Back Yard is Wild Kingdom

The biggest skunk I've ever seen in the wild just walked right past me. In my back yard. About 10 feet away. Wow!

I've encountered an average sized opossum in my back yard a few times. Even cornered him once when he ran into the tool shed. But I let him get away. He wasn't bothering me.

So today's visitor was a large skunk. He slowly walked along the bottom of the fence and paused when I turned and said "Well, hello there." Then he squeezed between the fence and the house and away from my view. I ran off to get my camera, but he was gone when I returned. hmmmmm

Just to answer those of you whom may wonder: no, there's no food or trash accessible to these critters in my yard. I currently suspect that they are living or visiting my neighbor's crawlspace - which has a large opening right where the skunk disappeared, and where I've seen the opposum go.

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Joe said...

Time to get a gun...