Friday, July 28, 2006

Zion Pics - Testing My New Camera

One morning I decided to wander around the Virgin River in the main Zion canyon. I just wanted to mess around with my new camera. It's a Canon S3 IS. I still don't know how to work most of its functions. Here's a pic of a deer that just walked right up to me. Kinda scrawny, especially compared to the big horn sheep I saw.

The next 3 pics show the great zoom capabilities of the camera. The trail named Angel's Landing is up there on that ridge. We could barely make out hikers as white dots with the naked eye. The second pic had moderate zoom and the 3rd pic used the full 12x zoom. I really like the image stabilization. Without that, these pics would have been blurry.

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Joe said...

where art thou big horn sheep?