Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Subject of Spam

The spam email I get is strange. I've begun to wonder if the email subject lines are generated by a computer program. It's almost entertaining to see just how badly they'll mangle the grammar or spelling. I'm not perfect myself, but I'm certainly not that bad. Here are some recent examples:

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capacitor Delmar Farrell
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Those are exact quotes of the subjects from emails that were sent to me. If they really want people to open the email, then they should try a lot harder to use correct spelling and ... say things that make sense! Even if I didn't suspect they were spam, I still wouldn't open them because I don't want to talk (or exchange email) with anybody who speaks in jibberish. (Mostly because I barely speak English, and I don't need more challenges in my life.)


Joe said...

but mikel,

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Joe said...

Re: Phatzramacy news

Michael said...

I wonder how effective a simple spelling/grammar checker would be at filtering spam!