Sunday, March 19, 2006

Je Souhaite

Something made me remember the X-Files episode with the indifferent jinn that granted people 3 wishes. And so I started to wonder what my 3 wishes might be. It's a hard thing to answer. Lots of tempting possibilities, like wealth, power, influence, health, skills/talents, vocation. And I could wish for such things for myself or for others. It's really hard to choose. Right now, I'd have to ask for a cell phone/service that works (separate story there).

Update: After some thought, I've come up with uses for my wishes. I would use my first wish to improve my health. If I had kids, then I would use it for the benefit of their health. My second wish would be used to gain financial independence. Not obscene wealth, but definitely rich. I still haven't come up with a 3rd wish.

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