Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Video iPod in April?

Well, last week saw a flurry of speculation on the blogs about Apple possibly releasing a new video ipod in early April. This one would have a 3.5 inch LCD with touch-screen controls. hmmmm.... This presents me with a dilemma. I've been researching PVPs for quite a while, and have recently selected a model to buy, the Cowon A2. I was going to order it this week, but with this news, I'm tempted to wait til April just to see if there's any truth to the rumors. Even though a 3.5 in display is smaller than the Cowon's 4 inch display. If it matters, I compared the models from Archos, Cowon, Mustek, EPSON, iRiver, and Creative, as well as a few really obscure ones. None of them are a perfect match for my desires, but I'm really pleased with the level of customer support from Cowon - in the form of many firmware updates that address user complaints and requests. They appear to actually care about what their customers want.

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