Friday, February 17, 2006

My car's CD player stopped playing some CDs

My car (Acura MDX) recently stopped playing audio CDs that I burn using iTunes. They're podcasts that I download from various sites. Anyway, the same CDs play fine on other music equipment. And ... my car used to play them fine. Then one day it just stopped. When I insert a CD in the slot, it attempts to read it, and then ejects it. It still plays commercial CDs (that I didn't burn). Very odd. I've been experimenting with slower burn speeds and different media (Sony, TDK, HP) - all with no improvement. I've also searched the Apple discussion boards (I'm burning these with a G5 system), Acura boards, and other sites. Thanks for tips from friends, I've learned a lot about varying vendor quality in CD media, and about car systems only working with CD-R. But still no improvement.

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Joe said...

eww. sorry to hear that.
i wonder if there is a way troubleshoot the car cd player. maybe it's a warranty item?