Sunday, February 26, 2006

Leather Cleaners

I've finally found a decent product for cleaning my leather sofa and the leather interior of my car. I've needed something for quite a while, and so I decided to just start buying the products one at a time until I found one that worked. I'm happy to report that Zymol Leather Cleaner works great! It doesn't come with built-in conditioners (like many products) so it doesn't leave the leather feeling slippery and artificial to the touch (like many products do). That lets you condition it with your own choice of product. It's real easy to use: spray it on (or onto a cotton towel) and wipe it off. I had some really obvious grime on my ivory colored sofa, and it came right off. This stuff works better than mild soap and water, and almost as good as spit! I've always wondered why spit works so well. There must be some enzyme in saliva that is gentle on the leather but breaks down the grime. They should develop a product based on that! Heck, I'd buy it just so I could have "artificial spit" -- maybe they'd call it "Spit Spray!"

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