Saturday, February 25, 2006

86,800 Most Frequently Used English Words

I tripped over this site: It has a neat flash thingy that shows the 86,800 most frequently used English words. My own name (Michael) is ranked at 1073. Far more common than the F word, which is at 5598. I tried to get a rare word by entering "pangaea" and it comes in at 70,201. So, I tried a different one and finally found a word that's not in the list: recuse. Sort of odd, since lawyers use this word - and we've got plenty of lawyers in the world. The last word in the list, at 86,800, is conquistador. OK ... I'll admit that I've probably never used that word in normal conversation.


Bobby said...

Bobby is 6676... sweet

Anonymous said...

Why is it impossible to obtain the list of those 86800 words on your Website and on a .docx file format for example? My e-mail address is

Can I get an answer soon, please?

Thank you in advance!