Sunday, January 29, 2006

This blog under construction

I'm testing a new template so this is gonna be in flux for a bit. I'm trying out using a background photo (that I took). The first test indicated that it loads toooooo slowly. So i have to either: (a) make the bg pic even smaller, or (b) host it on a faster server.


Joe said...

I like the Black and White myself. Call me a purist. :) Mental Cruft and So Forth

You could lighten up the background photo. That might help.

michael said...

You've got a good point. I liked the clean black and white also. But I had to finish what I started. I'm thinking, though, of using my pics as a background for the title banner alone. That might be a worthy compromise.

Wayne said...

Yup - using the pic only for the title should avoid the funky behavior of your scrolled foreground.